Thursday, May 27, 2010

When One Door Closes..

Another one opens!

The school year is officially over and I am ready for summer. I am going to miss my staff and students greatly, but it is on to the next adventure for me. I am so excited for the programs and parties I am offering this summer with lots more fun to come!

I wanted to share a site you you all that is going to make your Art Party planning and set up even more easy! Today I was blogged about by the owner of Table Tops for Tots. Table Tops for Tots provides table and chair rentals for ages 2-6 with delivery for your home or event location. Their site is very easy to use and the rates are AMAZING! Table Tops for Tots would be a perfect match with your next Art Party for your toddler!

Check out their super fun site for more information or their blog for some great party ideas!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Welcome to Art Lessons and Parties by Nicole

Welcome and thank you so much for visiting! I am so thrilled to be offering a wide variety of Art lessons and Programming for Summer 2010 in the Indianapolis and surrounding communities. As an art educator, I am learning the hard way that the Arts are being incorporated less and less into schools, requiring unique and creative solutions elsewhere for our future artists. Please check out my programming and Art Parties available this summer.

Why Art Lessons by Nicole?
Both in and out of my classroom teaching, I pride myself in designing creative lessons and units. I have set up my Art Lesson programming by topic and medium, allowing for student artists to select their own projects and lessons by interest. In my teaching, I take the time to teach art that many classroom teachers would not touch until students are in high school or college. This is the beauty of on-on-one and small group lessons.

For example, in my own elementary classroom, my first grade students learned how to screen-print their own t-shirts. This is something I was not exposed to or taught as an artist until college at Ball State. This is my most popular lesson students have registered for this summer. Check out the Gallery to see some of the t-shirt designs!

Free Private Lesson with full advanced payment for three additional lessons.
Offer Expires June 15th, 2010
*E-mail Nicole at for details or to register.