Private Lessons and Services

Private lessons are for individuals wanting a more personalized and unique art experience. Lessons are taught in the homes or location of the art student. All materials and supplies are included in the cost unless otherwise noted. 

Have a lesson in mind, but do not see it on the class list? Contact me with your lesson needs and I would be more than happy to put lessons together based on your artist's interests and needs. 

Paint Exploration (Ages 3-5)
1 Hour

Explore color, texture, line, and pattern as your artist learns about the work of artist and illustrator, Eric Carle. This lesson includes a hands-on color mixing activity to create their own colors of paint. With their own color inventions, your artist will use a variety of tools and methods to create colorful paper in the style of Eric Carle's popular books. Student-created paper in the style of Eric Carle will be used to create a "Hungry Caterpillar Creature."

Shaving Cream Marbling (Ages 3+)      S
1 Hour

Who knew shaving cream could help create a work of art? Try your hand at this unique way to marble paper using shaving cream and watercolor paint! Get bright, vivid colors and learn crazy patterns for marbled paper. You will create work not only on paper, but greeting cards, stationary, and gift tags!

"My Starry Night" (Ages 5-8)        S
1 Hour

Did you know Vincent Van Gogh is missing an earlobe? Van Gogh is one of the most popular and influential artists of all time. This lesson centers around the life and art of Vincent Van Gogh, as well as his most well-known painting, "The Starry Night." Your artist will recreate his masterpiece in their own, unique style using watercolor paints and black crayon.  The combination of these materials are stunning when used together. By the end of this session, you artist will be able to teach you about why Vincent Van Gogh is such a popular artist today and have an artwork that shares their vision.

Beginning Printmaking (Ages 3-10)        S
1 Hour

Artists will learn the basics of printmaking and explore different ways to create art using line and pattern. Two foam block designs for printmaking will be created. In addition to creating artwork on paper, your artist will create a greeting card set using their two designs. What a perfect way to share their creations with friends and family!

Advanced Printmaking (Ages 7-12)
1 Hour

Expand upon previous printmaking experience and knowledge to create a foam block drawing using a multi-color printing method. This lesson is a great way to build upon previous printmaking experience and add more depth and detail to your prints. **Previous printmaking experience suggested, but not required.

Lino-Cut Stamp Sampler (Ages 10+)        S
1 Hour

Use the real carving tools that linoleum-cut printmaking artists use! Your artist will create 4 lino-cut rubber stamps in two different sizes. In addition to their artwork on paper, artists will display their stamp art on greeting cards or on an Artist Trading Card to add to their collection. What kind of imaginative and fun stamp will they create?

Lino-Cut Printmaking (Ages 10+)        S
1.5 Hours

Whether your artist is in elementary, middle, or high school, using lino-cut techniques your artist will create a beautiful linoleum-cut print using traditional printmaking methods and actual artist carving tools. Tool safety and technique is taught and practiced. Work created is on a larger scale and subject-matter is pre-chosen by student artist. Your artist will truly have a masterpiece that can continue to be printed over and over, long after the lesson is finished.

YuDu Screen-Printed T-Shirts**  (Ages 6+)
1.5 Hours      2 Hours (Unlimited printing of t-shirts, bags, fabric, and more...)
$85                $110

This is my most popular art session yet!  Your artist will design their own original artwork to create their own screen-printed t-shirt, bag, or other fabric creation. Using traditional screen printing steps, artists will create a drawing in black and white, learn how to "expose" a screen to "burn" their design into the screen, and traditionally print from their screen. This is wonderful for artists of any age because all materials and supplies are child-friendly (no heat or harsh chemicals are used) and is a great way to teach the traditional concept of screen-printing!

**Artists will need to provide their own fabric items to print on (t-shirts, cotton shorts, tote bags, cotton fabric, kitchen towels, pillowcases... Get creative!).  The 2-hour sessions allows for "unlimited" printing, perfect for a new wardrobe or gifts for family and friends!

Chiyogami Glass Pendants and Magnets (Ages 8+)        S
1 Hour

Create your own glass pendants and magnets using glass tiles and Japanese Chiyogami Paper. Chiyogami is Japanese paper that has been decorated with elaborate patterns and colors for a unique look! Your artist will create two glass pendants and three glass magnets (that hold up to 15 sheets of paper at once) during this session. Additional pendants and magnet sets can be made for $5 each, perfect to give as gifts!

Sharpie Science Shirts** (Ages 3-10)
1 Hour

How does sharpie, science, and fashion relate to one another? Your artist will learn how this magical combination of art and science work together to create a colorful t-shirt masterpiece!

**Artists must provide their own white shirt.

Totally Tie-Dye T-Shirts (Ages 6+)        
1 Hour

Learn how to tie-dye in a variety of colors to create a one-of-a-kind shirt. Already know how to tie-dye? That is great! Learn new ways to fold and dye shirts for different looks and patterns unique to your wardrobe. Artists may tie-dye as many items as they wish within the hour time period. Every tried tie-dying socks, pillowcases, or even a small blanket? Be creative and have the freedom to create multiple pieces!

Oragami-Fold Art Book (Ages 6-10)        S
1 Hour

Ever tried your hand at bookmaking? This is the perfect place to start! Your artist will learn a fun folding technique to create a mini book that will unfold into a sculptural masterpiece. Great for drawings, poetry, or scrapbooking. This book can even be a hanging piece of artwork! You may even have time to learn the Flag Fold...

Altered Book Art (Ages 6+)
1 Hour

Create a repurposed masterpiece out of an old book! Many professional artists create Altered Books and Visual Journals as a way to practice their art and tell their story though art. There are thousands of techniques and ideas that can be incorporated into your Altered Artist Book. Some techniques that your artist will learn in a session include how to create pockets, pop-ups, folded pages, paper-cut pages, stamped images, painted portraits, creative lettering, and more. This lesson is great to repeat because your artist will learn something new every time to add to their book.

Pinatas and Picados (Ages 6-12)
1 Hour

Mexico is known for their cultural flavor and colorful decorations. Your student will create their own pinata from newspaper and paper mache glue! Tissue paper will be used to decorate the outside for a colorful and festive flair! Ever created a Mexican paper-cut banner? You will have the chance to color-mix a traditional Papel Picado Mexican banner. These will make great additions to your next celebration!

** Artists must provide their own shirt or cotton fabric item.
S  Supply Kits are avaliable for artists to continue what they have learned on their own.

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